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Dating has evolved since letterman jackets and “going steady” indicated a relationship. Websites came along to throw a curveball at the cliché, providing people the opportunity to meet others on the internet.

College dating culture has become one of swiping and “hook-ups.” Apps like Tinder and Bumble promote looks over anything, and many times they end in a one-night stand rather than a meaningful relationship.

Landon Sanford was fed up with the amount of weight put into swiping profiles rather than finding commonalities.

Instead of conforming to the culture, he created a solution.

Element is a new kind of dating app. Instead of merely posting a few pictures and interests, boys and girls have the ability to post experiences and express interest in experiences that others post. There’s no swiping left or right there, just clicking “interested” or “uninterested” in an experience.

Ever wanted to go on a boat ride on the Charleston Harbor? Post it. Ever felt the need to go on a really cute coffee shop date? Post it. Ever thought that going on a surfing date might be fun? Post it.

“Overall, what sparked the idea was a simple frustration that every dating app was the exact same- focusing more on swiping and profiles rather than focusing on experiences and finding a shared commonality” said Sanford.

Element is built around the notion that people are more likely to be themselves when they’re doing something they love. It’s about doing something that puts people in their element.

Users still have access to people’s profiles—there are no blind dates involved, but the point is to find people who share similar interests so the experiences are put at the forefront.

The idea is brilliant and has the opportunity to make a positive impact in dating culture at College of Charleston. There’s so much to do in Charleston and now people have the chance to find someone who enjoys doing the same things they do.

At the moment, Element is Charleston-exclusive and curated to appeal to college students. The company is even working with some College of Charleston students to spread the word and make sure it appeals to users.

It’s not too late to try out this new kind of dating app—actually it’s the perfect time to start considering it.

Element is having a launch party September 6 at Uptown Social, 587 King St, at 7 p.m. and everyone is invited. Join the fun for giveaways, live music and the chance learn more and meet people.

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