Whoops Proof: Birth Control for Students

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In South Carolina, over half of pregnancies are unintended. Unintended is preventable, so why not find a way to prevent it?

Women who are on contraceptives often have to go through the trouble of taking a pill every day to avoid unplanned pregnancy. While the pill is effective, it is only effective if the pill is taken at the same time everyday, and remembering to take it can be quite difficult.

IUDs and implants are more effective, reliable methods to prevent unintended pregnancy. Both the IUD and implant claim to have a 99 percent effectiveness rate in preventing unintentional pregnancy.

Whoops Proof SC is making it their goal to help women have a more positive perspective of IUDs and the Implant by showing that unintended pregnancy doesn’t have to be a concern.

They are raising awareness by making IUDs and the implant available for free or at low-cost at South Carolina colleges and universities with student health centers that offer contraceptive care. These two birth control methods are low maintenance, highly effective and for some reason still a mystery to many women.

College of Charleston is one of the South Carolina institutions offering these free contraceptive options through Student Health Services.

Photo courtesy of Whoops Proof SC

The campaign is powered by Choose Well with a South Carolina initiative to reduce unintended pregnancy and powered by Bedsider, a program of Power to Decide, The Campaign to Prevent Unplanned Pregnancy.

Both Choose Well and Bedsider are non-profit organizations who don’t want funds from pharmaceutical companies or the government, they just want to make sure women know they have an affordable option to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Whoops Proof initially started on University of South Carolina’s campus, but it is working its way around other South Carolina schools.

The campaign is currently taking place at University of South Carolina in Columbia, at USC Upstate and at College of Charleston. Posters have been hung in off-campus businesses and in student health centers to spread the word about the contraceptive.

The ads are funky, fun and relatable, making the concept easy to understand.

IUD’s or, “ninja sperm protection,” as Whoops Proof calls it, is placed in the uterus in a “tiny t-shaped method with low hormone options” (whoopsproofsc.org).

Photo Courtesy of Whoops Proof SC

The arm implant, or “sperm kicking protection,” is inserted under the skin of the arm and it releases hormones to keep the body from releasing eggs. It also blocks sperm when need be.

Whoops Proof SC is campaigning to raise awareness and provide either of these options to make unintended pregnancies a concept of the past.

Their overall goal? To spread awareness to women about the options and to promote a more positive regard towards IUDs and implants.

For information about what the IUDs and implants are, how they work and how effective they are, visit www.whoopsproofsc.org.

To make an appointment to receive a free or low-cost IUDs or implants you can call Student Health Services at (843) 953-5520 or stop by Student Health Services at 181 Calhoun Street.


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