SGA Holds Annual Bike Auction

Many students left with a new set of wheels at the George Street Annual Bike auction hosted by the Student Government Association Wednesday, Sep. 26.

USNews estimates that 70 percent of College of Charleston students live off campus. Many students agree that the bicycle is the best form of transportation for their commute to campus.

CofC junior, Steven Sandwich who lives off campus and attended the bike auction said,“I don’t like walking that far in the heat and having to wake up earlier,” he continued, “I wanted to be able to get to campus pretty quick without driving.”

Kelly Lifchez, a sophomore and Programming Director for SGA explained that the bike auction is just a good opportunity for students to get a bike much cheaper than they would have otherwise. She offered the auction as convenient and helpful to students, “We also have a bike service company here who will fix up their bikes for them, and so overall it’s just really helpful to people who need a bike for less.”

Lifchez also said that SGA was anticipating a successful event. Bike auctions have raised $12,000 in the past an are SGA’s main source of revenue.

The SGA auctions bikes off that the College’s Department of Public safety obtains.  Unregistered, illegally parked or abandoned bikes were brought to George Street to be auctioned.

A professional auctioneer offered students an authentic auction experience. “It was interesting,” Sandwich said, “I’ve never done an auction before really so it was crazy.”


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