What’s your Tattoo Story?

Tattoo: an indelible mark or figure fixed upon the body by insertion of pigment under the skin or by production of scars– that is according to Merriam-Webster.

Tess Masselink (photo by Laurie Fogleman)

But what does the word tattoo mean to you?

Tattoos have entirely different meanings to every single individual. To those that actually made the chose to become “imprinted,” and to those that choose to take a wild guess at what the tat on someone else might mean.

Here is sophomore, Tess Masselink’s, personal tattoo story!

“I got my tat during the summer, right before coming back to school. It is the coastline of the peninsula of where I’m from. I’m from Cornwall, the southern region of England,” said Masselink. “One cool and interesting fact is that England is one of the only countries in the world where the entire coastline is public, so you can actually walk around its whole perimeter. One day I plan to walk all around the whole thing.”

“I’ve been to over half of the beaches all around here (points to left exterior side of tattoo). We go camping every summer in different areas and everything is just so beautiful.”

Tess Masselink’s tattoo (photo by Laurie Fogleman)

“It is where I grew up, so I definitely wanted a piece of home to have with me all the time! I also liked the way the tat kinda looks like veins on my foot, reminding me of blood – since England is in my blood.”

Next up, check out how freshman, Natasha Morton’s, tattoo is special to her!

Morton took an American Studies course during her junior year of high school. She had to research and write an Amsearch paper. She did her paper on the topic of adoption.

“I always knew I was adopted from Russia and that my name was Irina, but I never really knew a ton of details,” said Morton.

Natasha Morton’s tattoo (photo by Laurie Fogleman)

After doing more research and going through files, she saw her birth name on paper for the first time. Morton described the experience by saying, “I thought it was really cool and interesting, and made me appreciate spending time with my adoption story.”

“So once I turned eighteen I decided, why not get a tattoo after dedicating so much time and effort into something I care about?” said Morton.

Morton’s tattoo serves as a reminder of her story, and how grateful she is for all the pieces of it.

There is always an individual and their story behind one’s tattoo. Take the time to get to know both the tat and the beholder! 

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Laurie Fogleman, a Freshman Communications major calls Norwood, North Carolina home. Aside from writing for CisternYard, Laurie is also on the Cross-Country and Track team for The College.

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