CofC’s National Day of Writing

The National Day of Writing is an event that brings attention to the idea that writing is critical to the literary world. Many people have the misconception that writing is a pen-to-paper action required in most learning communities. Not many realize that writing is a daily part of our life. It comes many forms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even texting. It never matters who or what you are when it comes to writing. Writing is a fundamental part of who everyone is in every part of the world. The event took place on October 20, 2018 around the world, and the celebration already occurred on College of Charleston’s campus.

Dr. Craig and Professor Warnick from the English Department have found it to be their mission to raise awareness for this event on our campus. This is the first time that College of Charleston has participated in the National Day of Writing.

The English Department took it to heart that writing is an everyday part of everyone’s life. They incorporated things like tweeting #WHYIWRITE for an online raffle.

Or, to combine a little Halloween spirit, participants were given some spooky gifts for telling their #WHYIWRITE story on an easel.

Photo By Dr. Devet

In the world of writing, it is near impossible to forget about art. Art is a form of expression that can branch itself of the literary world. It is why the department decided to include an artwork show that tied into The Hate You Give summer reading artwork challenge.

Photo By Dr. Warnick

The celebration of this event went to all corners of campus. It started with the artwork show in the library and progressed to outside the library. Professors set a table out and had many forms of writing for students to express themselves with. One of the items being a wooden box full of letter stamps for students to write with on notecards. Another options student had was to create blackout poetry with old literary works.

Photos By Judith Arendall

Of course, with such an important event, College of Charleston’s literary Club, Literati, had to get involved. Literati knew that being apart of The College ’s first ever participation on National Day of Writing was something they could not miss.


Photo By Reagan Whiteside

An Open Mic Night was such a perfect fit for the National Day of Writing. Just like writing, an open mic is a mixture of all forms of humanities by coexisting with music, stand up and poetry.

Many students and professors came in to enjoy the entertainment and food. There was no pressure to perform, but a mic for those who wanted to. The motto was to relax and watch the variety of performances that made there way across the makeshift stage of rugs and lamps.

Photo By Reagan Whiteside

A man with a banjo decided to take the stage in his celebration of National Day of Writing. Creating a mixture of music and writing through his performance.

Photo by Reagan Whiteside

The College’s campus will continue in its attempt to be more involved in the literary world. One of the first few steps being taken is participating in the National Day of Writing. The campus will continue to widen its appearance during this event and continue in its effort to join the conversation on why we write.


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Judith Arendall, a Nashville native, is a Junior english major with a Writing, Rhetoric and Publication emphasis. In Judith’s free time, aside from writing for CisternYard, she interns at Blue Bicycle Books.

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