Finding Home at CofC’s Young Life Club

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What comes to mind when you think of a religious organization? Boring songs? Judgement? Sitting in a room talking about a book that’s supposed to preach all about peace and love, but is really only used to condemn people? This is not true with Young Life.

The motto of the College of Charleston Young Life Club is, “Life to the Fullest.” For them, that doesn’t mean just sitting in a room talking about the Bible. Now of course, that’s a part of it, in fact it is one of the most important parts. The club’s main meetings are held at 5 p.m. on Sundays where all the members gather to first talk about the week and spend community time with people who support you in your faith. Then there is the Bible study where our Young Life leader, or occasionally a speaker, will come up and discuss an important spiritual topic.

It’s a lot like church except–and this is from someone who actively chooses to go to church– but it feels a lot more personal. If you’re someone who goes to church, even if you enjoy where you go, you have likely felt at one point or another like the preacher is just in some way separated from you. They maybe personable, they might even be readily available to talk to, but on some level it probably feels like they are just spiritually above you in some way. You might even be afraid to talk to them about some important issues in your life because it feels like they might judge you, but it isn’t that way at all with Young Life.

Every one of the leaders feels like someone you can talk to, honestly they all feel like they could be College of Charleston

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students. That’s why they go so far beyond that. Young Life has beach days where they go and hang out and sometimes even start a bonfire. Members go to concerts together, meet at different peoples houses for small groups, and sometimes just meet up for lunch. The most important thing you get from Young Life, along with an opportunity to grow in your faith, is a sense of community. A community of faith filled people who don’t want to condescend to, and judge you but just live life with you. As the College of Charleston Young Life Leader, Ben Crocker, put it, “My favorite thing about Young Life is that people get to experience life to the full.” Which is why whether you’re a believer looking for a community or an non believer just looking to learn more about what this Christianity thing is all about, Young Life has a place for you.




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