The New Faces of Classical Music – Charleston Music Fest

College of Charleston works through many efforts in order to bring culture from multiple other countries to their students. One large portion of this effort is done by world renowned cellist and professor at College of Charleston Natalia Khoma. Natalia Khoma runs a yearly series of concerts called Charleston Music Fest, where she invites classical artists from all over the world to perform Chamber music with her and her husband.

On November 8, Khoma put on the first concert of her Charleston Music Fest for 2018. In this show, she performed alongside her husband, internationally recognized pianist Volodymyr Vynnytsky, and their guest performer from Ukraine, a soprano opera singer named Zoia Rozhok. Rozhok, in a beautiful red gown with a diamond necklace, amazed the audience as she sang traditional folk songs from Ukraine as Khoma and Vynnytsky accompanied her with instrumentals . Before each folk song, Khoma would read the lyrics in English to the audience. Most songs related to nature, while others were traditional wedding songs about lovers meeting.

The low, swaying sound of the cello moved the audience as they were brought back to a simpler life in early Ukraine. Khoma and Vynnytsky also performed instrumental songs that  enticed the audience with its soothing, low tone and quick changing tempo. Natalia Khoma did an amazing job explaining to the audience the reason and meaning behind many traditional Ukraine songs in order to make the audience feel as if they grew up singing these songs throughout their childhood.


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