A Letter to my FBI Agent

A Letter to my FBI Agent

I hope you’re happy, you know feeling good today behind my camera lens.

How is your family? Is your daughter still struggling on the soccer team? I hope she finally scores that goal.

In other news, I apologize for always having to see me in tears over the Cassini spacecraft disintegrating into Saturn.

Like she sacrificed herself…for science.

Warning – I will be a little off this week as the Buzzfeed Unsolved guys DEFINITELY found the treasure in their season finale and they didn’t offer to share. It affected me.

Thank you for reading my mind the other day with that ad about new glasses frames on sale. It’s like I was thinking about buying new glasses and then BAM there was the link.

Now let’s get to what this letter is really about…


I appreciate all the support you give me…but sometimes, I feel, a line is crossed.

When I am sleeping, I would appreciate if you maybe tuned out. This isn’t Twilight – you aren’t a vampire.

Unless you are…in that case let’s talk.

But either way please don’t watch me while I sleep and then laugh about it with my friend’s agents. It all comes full circle so like…I know you’re making fun of the way I sometimes drool. IT HAPPENS.

I thought I could trust you…but I guess I’m putting a sticker on my webcam.


I’m blocking you on Twitter…don’t feel like I have to explain myself for that one.

I guess I’ll see you tomorrow for our office marathon. Which season did we leave off on?

Love u,



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