November 2018 Letter From the Editor: Welcome Home

Growing up with my father in the military new homes were something I quickly became familiar with. I travelled to a few different towns and schools, and even when we stayed for a while my friends would come and go. I’ll always thank my parents for doing whatever they could to make where we were a home. We always kept to traditions and familiar schedules and my moms always befriended the neighbors and made sure my friends had an inviting place to stay when things got rough — traits that I often find myself exhibiting.

Finding your home is important.  

Those who know me know that I struggled to find my home in college. I transferred to three different schools before landing at The College, but I knew as soon as I walked through the doors of 172 Calhoun Street that I was where I was meant to be. Mara McCloy, our previous Editor-in-Chief, instantly made me feel like apart of the CisternYard family and for that I am forever grateful.

Like I said, finding your home is important. While CisternYard lost their office space over the summer due to some renovations, we didn’t lose our home. A home is not a space, it’s not confined within four walls with poor light fixtures and an awful green couch — that’s not home at all. Home is who you surround yourself with, the memories that you make, the stories you share and the bonds that are inseparable beyond graduations, moves, or life changes.

Here’s to 2018; here’s to the struggles, fights, tears, laughs and celebrations we have had. Here’s to President Oz, the freshman class, the LGBTQIA+ community, the veterans who are returning home — most importantly, here’s to you. Always know that CisternYard is a space available to all of you. We will welcome you with open arms, laugh with you and get lunch with you. We’re not just four walls, we’re a home.  

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Cheyenne Abrams is the Editor-in-Chief of CisternYard News. She is a low-country native who has had her share of living around the United States. In her fourth year at CofC she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in communications with a focus on journalism and public relations. In her free time Cheyenne likes to hangout with her four dogs and play board games with her friends.

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