The good, the bad and the cringe-worthy: the most overrated things of 2018


Fanny packs

They’re convenient sure, but do we really want to look like confused tourists everywhere we go?


Neon makeup

Listen, I loved Glow as much as the next person, but the intense 80s vibes are getting to be a bit much.


Excessive glitter

I have two words for you: glitter butts. I mean, just, why?!?


Louis Vuitton

This trend is less 2018-specific, but I have really never understood the appeal of these bags. Are they even that cute? No, really, are they?


Overpriced sneakers

I’m not completely sure when sneakers became so trendy, but it has got to stop. If you’re paying $600+ for a pair of Gucci sneakers, it’s time to take a good hard look in the mirror.


Small 90s sunglasses

Are we in the Matrix? No? Please stop.


Holographic backpacks

I take back what I said about the 90s sunglasses. I need a pair to deflect the light coming off of your obnoxious bookbag.



Sushi burritos

It’s just way too much raw fish in a single bite. Sushi is great. Burritos are great. Can we not just leave it at that?


Disrespectful to both sushi AND croissants!


Gluten free everything

I know there are plenty of people out there with legitimate gluten allergies, but it seems like everyone and their mother is cutting out gluten these days. Unless you are actually allergic, gluten is not bad for you.


Self righteous vegans

I applaud their dedication to the environment and healthy eating. I could just do without the lectures on how eating meat makes me a murderer.



Avocados are great, but we have taken it too far, folks. There are people out there with avocado tattoos.



Can we stop putting bacon where it should not be? You can keep the bacon ice cream.


Social Media:

Snapchat streaks

A symbol of dedicated friendship or an arbitrary and stressful social responsibility. Can any of us actually say that our snapchat streaks have improved our friendships?

Instagram live videos

Unless you’re Beyonce, I don’t need to see a live stream of you answering questions about yourself or whatever it is that you’re doing.




This one feels pretty self explanatory…


Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again

It was a fun movie, but are we really going to pretend that Cher is old enough to play Meryl Streep’s mother?


Young Sheldon

If there’s one thing I hate more than The Big Bang Theory, it’s any spinoff of The Big Bang Theory.


Sierra Burgess is a Loser

This is a movie in which a girl catfishes a guy and kisses him without his consent, but we are somehow still supposed to root for her??


Jurassic World

I am just completely done with movie remakes at this point. Come up with something new.


Fifty Shades Freed

Fifty shades done with this franchise



The fact that this show is still on TV is astounding. It should have ended in 2010.


Grey’s Anatomy

Again, should have ended in 2010.


Kanye West

From astoundingly racist tweets to mediocre music, isn’t it time we cancelled Kanye?

Eating tide pods

This is why people think kids are stupid. Don’t eat laundry detergent.


The president tweeting


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