Written in the Stars

Astrology. Something that may bring up arbitrary thoughts of a man sitting in his dark musty basement writing broad statements in hopes of tripping up vulnerable millennials. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Although astrology has acquired a bad rep, the science is much more than daily horoscopes and zodiac signs. Astrology, by definition, is the study and belief of how stars, planets and astronomical occurrences affect the daily lives of humans. Astrologers have a saying that encompasses the science: “As above, so too below,” meaning that the strange occurrences happening above us directly affects the things happening below the atmosphere. In this year alone, Mercury was in retrograde and the blood moon brought the longest lunar eclipse of this century. Whether it is a placebo effect or not, if something has felt “off” this year, the universe may be to blame.


Mercury in Retrograde

So what exactly does retrograde mean? When a planet is in retrograde, this means that it is moving slower, but its orbit appears to be moving backward. The effects of this occurrence this year is based on a person’s zodiac sign, but there are a few characteristics that are common throughout. Astrologer, Jamie Partridge, said, “Mercury’s retrograde comes with an increased risk of arguments, conflict, and accidents.” A usual retrograde can involve unfortunate events such as running into an ex, or maybe a cell phone glitch – but this summer was not that simple.

When a planet retrogrades, astrologically it is in a resting or sleeping state. Therefore, while Mercury naps, the activities that it governs don’t have the benefit of a well-functioning, wide-awake planet to supervise them. Since Mercury rules over communication and media, the weeks that Mercury was in retrograde, a person may have noticed a significant change in social media and communication with loved ones in general.

Blood Moon

A blood moon is not only the background to every spooky zombie and werewolf scene, but an astrological rarity. Contrary to popular belief, a blood moon has absolutely nothing to do with blood and everything to do with a total lunar eclipse. Not only was there a blood moon, but it was also the longest lunar eclipse of the century. This pair was strong enough to offset all of the fire signs. One may recall feeling the highest of highs and the lowest of lows during the month of July because of the blood moon. Some can attribute this astrological event to disasters and stress while others think of it as a part of great success. Even if the 2018 blood moon is the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, we can still say that it happened during our lifetime.


Has astrology put U.S. politics in wack? How about the economy or your social life? Some may argue that 2018 can attribute its downfalls because the future is held in the stars. This year may seem to be running astrologically rougher than the past two years, and we can blame this on the blood moon and Mercury’s retrograde. The universe really has a funny way of getting back at people: the man sitting in his musty basement writing horoscopes probably had a rough summer.


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Shannon Murray is a junior communications major with a minor in astronomy. Shannon is CisternYard’s opinions editor, and owns two overweight cats who share the same name. When she isn't doing school work, she can be found shopping at goodwill or going to concerts.

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