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Hurt, but not Hopeless

I know I’m getting close to Wilmington, NC when I start to smell the salt and hear the incessant squawking of the seagulls. What I see however is a totally different picture. What I see, is not what I remember growing up around. Hurricane Florence swept through my hometown the week before my visit. Trash,…


The Hurrication Situation

It happens every year. Newscasters forebode of the coming winds and the eyes of every student turn toward the Eastern Atlantic in search of a storm. Panicking parents and the administration’s reassurances that canceling class is never necessary. The evacuation pandemonium and standstill traffic develop as the wind and rain continue brewing just off the…


The Youth Speaks Up. Is anyone listening?

Thousands upon thousands standing together. Their signs shouting different messages, yet alike in their intentions. Never Again.   This gun-control focused movement is only one of many organized by today’s young people, which have flourished in recent years – their ability to swiftly develop and involve the masses demonstrates this generation’s inability to be forgotten….


Welcome Home?

“Do you know what the Ford Pinto is?”  Matt McElhinney, a sophomore English major with a concentration in Creative Writing, asked about the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. “They just scrapped the whole thing because it was so bad. It’s kind of to that point where it’s is almost irreparable.” The U.S Department of Veterans…

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