Uber Experiences: Good and Bad

The college experience is made up of many things; experiencing Uber for the first time is one of them. Uber culture is especially heavy in a city like Charleston, where endless forms of entertainment lie. Whether it’s a safe ride home, convenience or simply laziness, Uber is consistently being used, even if it’s just a couple blocks!

While Uber is a quick and convenient way to get around, some have their reservations. Horror stories regarding the ride sharing app flood the internet. However, Uber has made efforts to make their customers safer by adding new features such as the “Driver Safety Button.” This enables users to share trips with friends and family, allowing them to track their trip. The update also allows riders to call 911 directly through the app in case of emergency.

Lots of College of Charleston students take advantage of this taxi-like system. Here are some of the wildest and weirdest Uber stories uncovered.

Eileen Vedder

“An Uber was taking me to the downtown Harris Teeter. The driver and I struck up a conversation, as I tend to do with most people. I revealed to him that I was on the cross country team at the College and he told me that he was indeed THE Clyde the Cougar! What a small world!”

Emma DeRoberts

“I got into an Uber XL downtown and the car was literally karaoke style! Lights, disco ball, microphone and all. My friends and I sang along!”

Gianna Cucinotta

“I Ubered home from the airport after break. It took me awhile to find it, because it wasn’t where the app said it was. I looked for awhile and eventually found him. I was tired, but made casual conversation. He kept asking me questions, getting into my hobbies and my life outside of school. The conversation was getting a little too deep. He told me he graduated from CofC in 2013 and he would add me on snapchat. This freaked me out, because he could see my name on the app. I nervously giggled and started to get out as we pulled up to my dorm, when he said something to the effect of, ‘maybe I’ll see you downtown sometime.’ This was sketchy, but I just didn’t reply and went inside.”

Most people, like the College’s students, can have comfortable and sometimes fun experiences with Uber. Even during those times, it is always important to remember that stories like Gianna’s do exist.

To those who plan to use Uber in the future and for those using it now, remember that there are some safety precautions to be taken:  

Rule 1: Let the driver say your name first, not visa versa. This better ensures that the driver is actually certified by the app and is not a fraud.

Rule 2: Call a friend, either before or during the ride to let them know your whereabouts.

Rule 3: Keep your head on a swivel! Pay attention to your surroundings. Do the car and driver description match up? If you see something that does not quite add up, ask to be dropped off or take advantage of the emergency features on the app.

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Laurie Fogleman, a Freshman Communications major calls Norwood, North Carolina home. Aside from writing for CisternYard, Laurie is also on the Cross-Country and Track team for The College.

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