Are “YOU” a fan?

The new Lifetime show, or I guess I should say Netflix phenomenon, that everyone seems to be either raving about or hating on: You.

You aired on Lifetime in early September of last year but just hit the streaming world at the end of Dec. 2018. Shortly after, Netflix subscribers were taking to Twitter, either consuming or producing memes about the new show. While some are not huge fans of the show, the majority of people I have found love it.

You stars Gossip Girl’s infamous Dan Humphrey, played by Penn Badgley and the TV series, Once Upon a Time Elizabeth Lail. A minor role was also played by Pretty Little Liars Shay Mitchell, who plays one of Lail’s friends.

A bookstore owner, Joe Goldberg, (Badgley) simply stacks his shelves until a new sight catches his eye. A beautiful blonde named Guinevere Beck (Lail) enters Joe’s store in search for a book, but ends up getting much more in return; the beginning of a whirlwind romance, as well as an ultimate end.

Joe uses his internet-savvy side to keep up with Beck’s every single move. Via technology, he learns every detail of her life in just instants. The term “stalker” endlessly flutters through viewers brains as they watch. With each episode, one becomes more captivated by Badgley’s acting, as it seems so real, but yet so creepy. By the end of the season, viewers struggle between feeling sympathy for Joe (as he truly loves Beck) and sympathy for Beck.

I watched the show quickly, getting through the ten episodes in about a week. Some aspects of the show were creepy, but I do feel as if it has made me a more aware person. For example, I now think to be a bit more skeptical of who I talk to and try to keep my nose out of my phone, especially when I am out walking in public.

The combination of great acting all around and an aspect of severity in the plot make You the next must-see Netflix series.

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Laurie Fogleman, a Freshman Communications major calls Norwood, North Carolina home. Aside from writing for CisternYard, Laurie is also on the Cross-Country and Track team for The College.

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