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It’s CofC Spirit Week, do you have school spirit? Because personally if you asked me before college I would have said no. CofC is starting to change my mind though. I mean, we have a great basketball team and we’re 20 minutes away from like five beaches. Not to mention that the liberal arts school offers a lot of degree options for indecisive folks like myself. I have just never been a fan of any Spirit week, as I am not a big fan of “participating” in things. Still, the events we have lined up this year are starting to make me change my tune.

Starting on Monday morning, we have Maroon Monday Kick-off at 9:30 in the Stern Center Lobby. Now you might be thinking, “Hey this is a bit early for me to be getting up.” To which I would respond, “Stop being a bum. Let’s go ahead and get your day started, and show some school spirit!”

Second, if you’re still feeling like a Grinch about this whole showing school Spirit thing, we have a Pep Rally at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday at Liberty Fresh Food Company that should help you get your mind right.

Next, on Wednesday, we have the canned food drive on George Street at 12:00. Because if feeding the hungry and helping to fight a significant problem our city faces doesn’t say school spirit, I don’t know what does.

Then on Thursday, we take a break from school Spirit events to let you get into the Spirit of Love with Valentine’s day. So relax, kick-back, spend some time with that special someone. There are a lot of different kinds of love out there and even if you’re single, why not celebrate the day with your friends and family? You know, the loved ones who won’t flip out if you forget the box of chocolates or breakfast in bed.

We kick right back into high gear on Friday with the Lip Sync Competition, which takes place in the Stern Ballroom at 6:00 p.m. I don’t know what all I can say to convince you that watching your friends, classmates and possible enemies as they do their best to try and keep their barely practiced dance moves in rhythm with the music will be a good time. But if you can see the obvious entertainment in that activity you should come by.

Finally, it all ends with the Family Fun Day Tailgate in the Cistern Yard at 1:00 on Saturday. Come by, eat some good food and enjoy the sunny Charleston winter weather to get ready for the basketball game and watch the Cougars destroy.

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