Crouching Cougar, Hidden Dragon: CofC Women’s Basketball vs. Drexel

Last Sunday, the College of Charleston women’s basketball team faced off against conference foe Drexel University. From the opening tip-off, the competition was fierce. The players, the cheerleaders and even the media members all felt the intensity.

I felt the need to mention the cheerleaders in particular, as I even witnessed one girl rise high off the ground, held up by three of the other members of the cheer team. As a man who weighs over two hundred pounds and can’t always fit his head through low doorways, that’s not something I would trust even my closest friends to do for me. For that reason, I felt I had to give them props.

Getting back to the main event, the Cougars gave it their all throughout the extent of the game. Through a great deal of ball movement and some solid teamwork, it was clear as day that the team had been working hard all throughout the season.

A special shoutout deserves to be given to freshman guard, Tyler Collins. She led as the point guard and kept focus while remaining adaptable throughout the entire game. Despite the pressure, she maintained composure in the inter-conference matchup.

The end of the first quarter was a clear example of how hard both teams competed, as it ended 14 to 12 with the Cougars ahead by a slim margin. The Dragons made a quick comeback into the second quarter, where they ground to a 17-16 lead. That was where the trouble began for the Cougars, who never really managed to take back the momentum.

The score stayed somewhat close throughout the entire second quarter, as the halftime buzzer sounded with Drexel holding onto a 6 point lead.

The game continued to go in Drexel’s favor at the end of the third quarter, with a score of 34 to 44. The fourth quarter ended as the Cougars sat defeated in a 42-65 blowout. Despite what the score says, you could still see that the Cougars were still putting in serious effort throughout the entire game. I am looking forward to seeing a bounce-back effort next game, at Hofstra on Friday night.

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