Humans of Charleston

“I’ve always liked flowers so when I finished college I started working here at least part-time and they (the old owners) wanted to sell it so I bought it. So that’s all I’ve ever known. My mother was in the garden club and they used to have things in the house so I was just interested in that. I think I’m happiest when I’m making flowers and it’s always nice when people compliment you. It’s not nice when they don’t compliment you. It’s my life; I mean, Jeanie helps me then I have another girl that goes to the college and she’s been sick a lot so I have to be able to do everything in case I don’t have help or after hours. So yeah I easily spend 60 hours because I usually start at 8 and finish at 5:30, sometimes 6. And then I have deliveries after, work on Saturdays. Sometimes I have to work on Sundays if we have funerals so we have to be available to work…It’s not a job it’s more of a passion.”



240 Calhoun St.

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