R.I.P Tamagotchi

Tamagotchi, the beloved childhood digital pet, now lies abandoned in the back of the closet at every ‘90s kids parent’s house… if it even remains there. It was a responsibility every kid was ready to take on, from watching it come to life from it’s egg to keeping it fed and even the tedious discipline. Unfortunately, the Tamagotchi did have a health meter and if they are long forgotten by their owners, they are surely long gone by now. 

Despite their bleak demise, Tamagotchis brought every ‘90s kid joy. Every kid in the car with the parents running errands could have their on-the-go pet, and the keychain could always find a spot on a backpack. While the Tamagotchis could get annoying if they were unhappy, it was always satisfying to figure out what was bothering it: is it hungry? Sick? Does it need to use the bathroom? Once it was back to it’s best self, it could play one of the simple but amusing games that were available. 

It may be remembered as a simple toy, especially compared to some of today’s toys, like Hatchimals, but Tamagotchis truly had a life of their own. Depending on the ways they were treated throughout their short-lived childhoods, the adult Tamagotchi would develop a personality true to itself… feeling guilty yet? 

Despite their evident sass and lack of affection, the Tamagotchi’s neediness caused every owner to have a distinct attachment. But now that the ‘90s kids have outgrown and abandoned their digital pets, it’s time to mourn their loss: go back and relive the commercial with it’s signature “Tamagotchi connection” tagline or maybe even buy one from the comeback generation, even though it can never replace the spot that an original Tamagotchi holds in a ‘90s kid’s heart.

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