Charleston’s Funniest, Most Well-Kept Secret: Theatre 99

Hidden in a back alley behind a local “Bicycle Shoppe” on Meeting Street lies one of Charleston’s funniest and most well-kept secrets.

Walking up the iron stairs with lush green ivy creeping up either side of the white-washed brick, you wouldn’t think that beyond those heavy black doors is the make-your-stomach-hurt type of comedy that is Theatre 99.

Charleston natives and tourists alike, listen up. You DON’T want to miss the best improv theatre in the city.

This highly interactive and hysterical performance includes an ensemble of different people and personalities that have been in the improv business and have ample experience in being able to make you cry from laughing so hard.

The night starts and ends with multiple types of bits and skits all with the persuasion of the audience so the performers have no idea what they are going to be doing on stage prior to the audience suggestions.

Sitting in one of the first rows, I got up close and personal with each of the actors and was fascinated by their ability to make me belly-laugh off the cuff like that.

And to think, the tickets don’t cost an arm and a leg like any other wallet-trap in Charleston! In fact, being a broke college student (just like every other twenty-something in this city) Theatre 99 is more affordable than a meal at Chick-Fil-A.

I have been going to Theatre 99 for a few months now and have never been disappointed by a single performance. Every night is different and no performance is the same.

I have brought multiple people with me to Theatre 99 before and after every show when I ask them what they thought of it, I never get any reaction less than “Oh my gosh that was so hilarious! Can we go back again sometime??”

With a mix of dark, tongue-in-chic, risque and plain ole’ silly humor, this improv comedy show is sure to entertain people of all ages and joke preferences. Young, old, single, married, black, white, native, tourists, humans and aliens alike, I highly recommend Theatre 99 to anyone who has a funny bone (or antenna).

To find out more about Theatre 99, view their schedule or purchase tickets, go to

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