Save Your Love

The only thing Kayshawn had been doing that night was praying — praying for something great to happen. More specifically, he wanted something great to happen to his music.

He went for a walk, thinking about his new music  and hoping that God would fulfill his dream of being a successful musician.

He went to sleep that night with 600 monthly followers on Spotify. The following morning, he woke up with 9,000 followers.

College of Charleston Sophomore Kayshawn McCoy’s single Save Your Love was featured on the Spotify Discover Weekly playlist and listeners were mesmerized by the track. 

“Honestly I wasn’t serious about [music] until I came to college and I met someone. He was like a producer here and he was like ‘Hey I have a home studio would you like to come over? I heard you have a great voice’ And as soon as I went to his home studio we decided to start writing, and from there I made an EP and put out a new single that’s been doing really well,” Kayshawn said.

Soon after that, Kayshawn became an overnight sensation. Save Your Love turned into something that people could relate to. 

“I always draw from personal experience so I had to find a way to do that. I never talk about my feelings so to put it into song was something new and then putting it out for people to hear was vulnerable but I allowed myself to do it,” he said.

Being his first single, Kayshawn decided to write and produce a song that had a lot of personal meaning to him.

Save Your Love is about me liking this girl who lives far away and at the time I was so sad and distraught just about life and so stressed out and being like I wanna be there with her and not here at the moment,” McCooy said.“So I’m like ‘I know you’re probably going to get so many different options that are gonna come to you and that are probably much better than me but I’m asking you to please save your love for me I think you’re amazing’”

Since releasing the Save Your Love almost a year ago, Kayshawn hasn’t produced anything new for his fans yet. He intends on releasing his new single Heartbreak Hotel by the end of next month.

“The fans of my music are insanely cool and sweet people, they always support me no matter what…even though it’s been almost a year since I put something out and for them to still be behind Save Your Love and listening to it everyday like it just came out yesterday is just insane,” he said.

Throughout his music career so far, Kayshawn talks about how Jesus and his faith have been his foundation for everything that he’s doing.

“I think Jesus for me is always about love and kindness…Jesus has just helped me stay calm when it comes to those times of not knowing when I’m going to make the next song. And just trusting Him to make it happen and here I am a year later making new music and just as excited about it,” he said.

To follow Kayshawn and his music, find him on Instagram @kayshawnmccoy or on Spotify and Apple Music.

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