Stay Woke & Vote: Education Over Evasion

In around a year’s time, we will be electing the next President of the United States. That’s a big deal, and in these tumultuous times, it’s clear that we need to be more educated on the subject at hand. There is a lot of information to go through, a lot of subjects to learn about and countless effects that these ideas could have on your life. The goal is to give an overview of what’s going on, give you a reason why you should care and then more specifically go into the impact that our generation can have on this election. 

2020 has a substantial amount of content to comb through, and there are many opinions to hear. People are becoming increasingly opinionated now more than before due to how easily accessible information is. The 2020 election also brings diversity to our candidates. In the democratic party, you have an open-minded group of individuals. Candidates like Yang, who believe that citizens should receive money from the government, and on the other side you have people like former Vice President Biden who believe in moving this country at a much slower pace. You also have President Trump, whose policies are harsh, but his confidence brings something new to Washington. 2020 is the year to decide the direction of this country. The next president has many issues to deal with but it’s our job to voice how they can be dealt with.

So you may be asking yourself, now that you have hopefully been influenced to become a more educated voter— how do I learn more? It’s clear that 2020 is important, but how do I pick a candidate? Which party do I side with? The best way to learn about these topics is to start doing some reading. Find the web pages for the candidates and see what their policies are. If you don’t know a word or phrase used, look that term up. It starts with education. Becoming informed before voting is the best way we, as citizens, can affect this country. If you do your research and find that you may, for example, hate big government and believe we must  be stern at our borders, voting for a republican may be the right choice for you. If you find that you like a bigger government, but you think there should be a slower movement towards that end goal, Buttigieg or Biden may be who you want to vote for. And if you are someone who realizes, through their research, that we need to change this country at its very core, that the current capitalist system is failing us, Bernie may be your guy. Opinion articles such as The Times, Britebart, and Huffington Post are all sources that have topics you care about. These articles will help you formulate your opinions on issues. But in the end, it’s important to vote and have your voice heard —it’s making sure that the larging voice in the country goes out there and makes a change.  

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