Why Impeachment Is the Wrong Choice

As a country we are living in history. Current college students will eventually be telling their kids about what happened politically  when they were younger. There is growing uncertainty in the Capitol right now; a sense that nothing feels quite right.

We have a president that is so unpredictable his opinion on Twitter changes every hour.  Meanwhile, the house has announced an official impeachment inquiry due to these, now public, phone calls that paint the president in a bad light. The phone call to Ukraine encapsulates the current administration: brash, quick and a seeming lack of understanding of what it means to be president.

All of this being said— impeachment seems like a step too far. While citizens feel that we should not sit by and let the President break the law, I believe that trial can be done later. The 2020 election should be where the democrats focus, as it will do a lot more damage to Trump as a whole. They should not be  clamoring to impeach the president. History shows us why voting is more important. 

On October 8, 1998, the House voted to impeach President Bill Clinton. This was the hot button issue of the time, with arguments from both sides. The feeling was similar to today, without the added “benefit” of social media and hostility. The trial found Clinton not guilty and the Democrats got what they wanted which was their president not getting impeached. 

If this chain of events teaches us anything it’s that impeachment is really hard and may not even be the best course of action. The impeachment attempt of President Clinton may have failed, but that doesn’t matter because it cost the Democrats the election in the end. I think the Democrats should expect something similar now.

If you want to impeach, you can do it, but be ready for Mitch Mconnell and the Senate to kill the attempt to convict immediately. We have to be ready for nothing to change, so let’s try to vote him out in 2020. Let 2020 be Trump’s removal, not this rollercoaster of an impeachment saga. Democrats should unite in the next year and get him out of office during the election. We have the power to shift pebbles now, so let’s do that instead of trying to move one huge stone.

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