Studying for midterms: President Hsu style

Ok first, I just want to say how much I appreciate that fact that President Hsu of the College of Charleston sent us a hand-selected playlist of various songs to help students study for midterms.

In a time when students are experiencing the first stressful milestone of the semester, it’s nice to be able to take a pause and remind ourselves that we have a president that truly cares about students’ success and anxiety levels.

On October 4th, President Hsu sent out a mass email with ten songs that he and his family picked out with the idea in mind that these tunes would help students focus as they study for midterms. 

The playlist includes a wide range of vibes that motivate, prepare and relax students during a time of seemingly high stakes and intense pressure.

From classical tunes and indie/pop to early 2000’s nostalgia or country, this playlist is designed to put anyone at ease during a time of great pressure.

The best thing about this playlist is the order that the songs were put in. Hsu starts it off with Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G Major which eases you into a study mood. Later on, songs like Jubel and Island in the Sun begin to hype you up giving off an upbeat “let’s get this done” type of feeling and then brings it back to earth with Piano Concerto No. 23 in A by Mozart to remind you of the task at hand by slowing things down.

Hsu then finishes strong with songs with a more EDM/psychedelic/indie tone like Unwind and Thief, my personal favorites.

The divergence of the playlist goes even further because some have lyrics, and some don’t; while some have come out within the last few months others aren’t even from this century.

Overall, the playlist made by President Hsu isn’t just adorable, but practical and applicable not just for midterms, but for studying in general and even for casual listening.

To be honest, I’ve already added some of these songs to my personal playlist. 

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