Think First This Halloween

After two consecutive years of racially insensitive material and crude costumes surfacing during the holidays, new College of Charleston President, President Hsu, sent out an email warning and preparing students for this Halloween season. The premise of the email was to get Cougars to “think first” before making any costume or safety choices. 

“Make sure you do not choose a costume or party theme that is insensitive to someone’s race, culture, gender or sexual identity. Being respectful of all members of our campus community is the right thing to do, so when in doubt about your decision, err on the side of caution,” said Hsu. “Whether you intend to or not, your actions can cause harm to members of our community and lead to consequences from the College.” 

This video follows two years of insensitive halloween costumes that made national news and other racially driven incidents that have put the College under a negative shadow. 

The College made a short video with tips on safety and advice about not reducing someone’s race to a costume or a caricature — reiterating that cultural appropriation is not a costume. 

President Hsu ended his email saying “Since my arrival on campus, I’ve heard so much about how the College is a family. Well, family looks out for each other, so be a helping hand to those in need.”

This year, Cougars, choose to “think first.” Students have the ability and responsibility to stop the pattern of racism during the Halloween season on our campus. 

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