Letter From The Editor: November Yard

How exactly do you find the words to include in a goodbye letter to your favorite people and second home? If you know, feel free to share.

I could spend hours recounting memories over the last three years, 40 pages worth of stories about CisternYard but instead I’ll let the organization do the talking for me, even after I have left.

As the semester draws to a close, and my graduation date soon approaches I reflect on my time at the College, and my time alongside the CisternYard Media team. When I first came to the College, I was unsure of so many things going on around me.

There were three things however, I was certain of:
1. I was happy to be back in my hometown of Charleston
2. I wanted to write again
3. I wanted whatever that sticker was with the typewriter on it that was being passed out in Cougar Mall. [Thanks, Hannah Broder.] 

Since beginning my time at CYM, I have been able to learn so many things about myself and my career. I have developed a new career path into digital content design, I have attended summits, meetings and workshops and so much more. But that’s not what is important to me.

Over the past three years I have also helped students learn about journalism, we have developed writing skills and produced content greater than many other colleges in our area and the best part is — we did it because we love the content we are making.

We have won awards, showcased talent, and created a bond that probably makes up for the lack of a football team. Each week our staff develops new ideas, learns a new skill set, or investigates the “what’s happening” on campus and we always do it with a smile on our face. 

Over the past two years CisternYard Media has been challenged. We have faced many hurdles and have jumped over them with ease, and with each breaking moment, our bond is stronger. Each investigation, story, or moment has led to this issue.

“The Issues Issue” compiling all of the fun of investigative journalism, reporting, photography work and just plain complaints into our favorite work of art yet. We’ve including articles about the renovations to the Calhoun Annex, the dangers of Wentworth Street after dark, and the student housing crisis which is leading to gentrification of the northern peninsula. All of the issues Charleston is battling, whether you are aware of them or not.

Enjoy this issue, cougars, and you enjoy it too, CisternYard staff. It’s well earned, and I couldn’t be more proud of you all.
I am forever thankful for CisternYard Media for providing me with such a great collegiate journalism experience. 

As always, be safe.

-Cheyenne Abrams

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Cheyenne Abrams is the Editor-in-Chief of CisternYard News. She is a low-country native who has had her share of living around the United States. In her fourth year at CofC she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in communications with a focus on journalism and public relations. In her free time Cheyenne likes to hangout with her four dogs and play board games with her friends.

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