The College: Ghosted?

The Cougars are down eight with five minutes left to go. Instead of making noise to give the basketball team a boost to go on a run, the crowd is sparse. People are leaving. School spirit at the College is at an all time low. 

There’s no carpooling to soccer and baseball games in Mt. Pleasant. And little student support at women’s basketball games. The school spirit here isn’t what it should be⁠— the students here aren’t taking advantage of the Division I sports teams that they have. The cause could be anything from being a mid-major school to the distance of the fields from campus.Who knows? But one thing that we both know is that there needs to be a change, soon.

Basketball season is upon us and this year the Cougars, both men and women teams, will be playing some tough opponents at home, so student support will be needed. Most students only come to the games for the free T-shirts or free food that they are giving away. The student section, especially behind the net, should be hype from the opening tip to the final buzzer. Those athletes work extremely hard on their craft and deserve the recognition. The level of school spirit could definitely change overnight. We as students can do that by taking initiative.

Students can start by simply showing up to games. Admission is free for students for every sporting event. Make plans with your friends for going to the games. If you’re attending a baseball or soccer game, make plans for a carpool. Be loud! It’s what student sections are known for. Good student sections are loud and don’t stop cheering until after the final buzzer. If the team is getting hyped up by the crowd, that improves their performance. Another thing fans can do is participate in the designated spirit nights. There is power in unison, a group is stronger when they are all on the same page. Students could get together and have theme nights of their own such as Hawiian shirt night, or pajama night. We as students have the power at our fingertips to spread messages to a wide audience through social media. There should be no excuse as to why people can’t get together and get hyped up for a basketball or a soccer game.

Everyone who has been to one of our men’s basketball games knows that at the beginning of the second half, the staff hands out fatheads and cutouts to distract the opposing team. But people don’t know how to utilize them correctly. When the opposing team is shooting a freethrow, the whole stadium should be rocking. The bricks should be getting tossed in the air, anything to distract the opposing player from making the free throw. 

Hopefully after reading this, you get some source of motivation to be more school spirited. Every sport needs the support from their peers. The support goes a long way and the athletes greatly appreciate it. May I add, these athletic events are free. So get out of the room, take a break from studying and come cheer on your fellow cougars.

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Bryce Warner, from Goose Creek, South Carolina. Is a Sophomore majoring in Communication. Bryce can spin a basketball on his finger, makes skillet waffles and didn’t miss a day of school from Kindergarten to 12th Grade.

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