Bloomberg Exposed

This article was written before Bloomberg dropped out of the Democratic running.

How often do you hear transphobic language being thrown around? How often do you as a cisgendered person ignore these comments because they do not “concern” you? Presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg an alleged LGBTQ+ ally has found himself under fire for his insensitive and offensive verbiage used when addressing the transgender community. When being interviewed on more than one occasion Bloomberg insinuated transgender women were “men in dresses” and referred to the Transgender community in general as “it.” The language used by Bloomberg is not only blatantly ignorant and hate filled, transphobic and dangerous, but perpetuates transphobia and maintains a society that views transgender people as “other.” Bloomberg claims to be an LGBTQ+ community advocate but his language last year and in 2016 beg to differ. 

Dear Mike Bloomberg, advocacy and alliance is not a synonym for being ill informed and ignorant. Dear those who support Mike Bloomberg, wake up. Ignorance can and will no longer be tolerated, especially at a government level. 

We cannot expect or demand change with the possibility of inviting more bigotry into the White House. We should not and cannot expect this change to occur unless we demand it. We demand change and equality by rejecting bigoted tendencies and ideologies. Exhibit A being Mike Bloomberg. Leaders set an example for those that they are leading and reflect our country. Do we want transphobia at the head? The answer to this question should be an astounding no, but it is not. It is time that we as a nation put down a foot to intolerance and miseducation. Political leaders should not be confident saying and supporting behaviors like the ones shown by our current president and possible future ones.

We cannot be complacent and allow instances such as these to keep occurring. Dear, Cisgendered readers, it is time to check not only those who are transphobic but ourselves and our cisgender privilege as well. Privilege exists, this is a fact, and in order to combat it we must stand with those who do not benefit from the societial advantages we have as cis citzens. Being blind to transphobia and hateful remarks does nothing. The time for hatred has come to an end. The longer we sit in silence and as a collective body sit back and do nothing the longer this behavior embeds itself in the body of our nation, it is time to move forward. As Elie Wiesel Said “We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor never the tormented.”

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