A Good Dog

About a year ago Sandy Niedojadlo opened her hot dog cart NEW Dog in Charleston, SC. Almost a year later, Sandy’s plump dogs and five-dollar lunch combos have become College of Charleston staples among students, staff and faculty.

Before moving to Charleston, Niedojadlo worked in Connecticut public schools for thirteen years, where she and her husband raised her family. After moving to Charleston for her husband’s job, Niedojadlo needed something to do and after a little while NEW Dog was born. The cart’s inspiration? Niedojadlo’s proximity to New York City during her time in Connecticut.

“We were going to New York City all the time and there’s a hot dog [there on every corner]…I noticed after having lived here for just two and a half years that there’s really no street food on the streets of Charleston,” excluding food trucks. Niedjadlo continues, “There are wonderful upscale restaurants, which of course I am a fan of. I am a big foodie myself. But that quick affordable and inexpensive meal, there really wasn’t a lot of that and it has always been a dream of mine.”

Niedojadlo’s NEW Dog which stands for New England Weiner Dog opened last March and has travelled around the city before landing at the Southeast corner of Glebe and George Streets. Niedojadlo mentioned, “I made it my mission to try out many different spots. I landed on the ones that have become regular to me, and Glebe and George is one of those spots.”

The City of Charleston has 17 street food vendor parking spots scattered throughout the city. One happens to be in the middle of the CofC Campus. NEW dog has operated on East Bay Street, King Street, John Street, and President Street as well. NEW Dog also enjoys a loyal following at MUSC. NEW Dog also travels around to weekend events including the Pride Festival and beach gatherings.

Niedojadlo says that her Glebe and George location receives a lot of foot traffic. She continues, “It’s a win-win because I get to come and provide that meal that’s quick and inexpensive and y’all give me good business.” Niedojadlo “Cannot say enough of the College community, I have been welcomed. I feel so much like part of the family here already. The kids are great. I have two kids in college…my son is a freshman at Clemson and my daughter is a senior at Clemson. I feel like I relate to the students pretty well and I feel connection to them. It’s just a pleasure to serve them every day.”

Even though the business is barely a year old, Niedojadlo has some goals for 2020. Niedojadlo would like to get NEW Dog to more events in the area, strengthen its social media presence, draw more customers through promotions like the five-dollar lunch combo and hopefully be able to do more business with college organizations.

In addition, Niedojadlo has two dachshunds at home both rescues which laid the groundwork for NEW Dog’s partnership with the Charleston Animal Society. Niedojadlo donates a portion of NEW Dog’s profits to the Charleston Animal society monthly.

To see more for yourself drop by the corner of Glebe and George around lunchtime on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday or view https://www.instagram.com/newdogcharleston/?hl=en .

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Alec Abraham, from Gaithersburg, Maryland is a junior and political science major. Currently, Alec is the Campus and City News editor for CisternYard News. If you were to stop in for Alec’s office hours, you’d likely find him listening to jazz music.

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