What’s Radio Listening to?

During tumultuous times, we often turn to music. Listening to a favorite album or diving into new music can help ease the tension of family or school stressors.

The CisternYard Radio staff has compiled the music they’ve been listening to to help them get through the anxiety and uncertainty of living through a pandemic.

Come back over the next couple of days to check out all the recommendations.

“My go-to quarantine album is Dragons by Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. I’m already a huge fan of Drew’s music and the fact that we share the same hometown, but this particular recent release makes my heart feel at home.

Most of us are at home right now anyway, whether we like it or not, thanks to COVID-19, but this album will make you think about it all differently. “Family” makes me thankful for the people I’m stuck with— both currently in quarantine as well as metaphorically for the rest of my life because we’re “all in this together” even though “it ain’t always pretty.”

Everything gets put into perspective when I think about how I feel when I’m with the people that I love the most. I might forget all those nights spent on the beach in “Charleston, walkin’ barefoot in the moonlight” with my favorite person, but I know that I’ll never forget the way I felt in that moment.

“But I’ll Never Forget the Way You Make Me Feel,” a duet featuring hiswife, Ellie Holcomb, reminds us to hold on to that feeling. It also makes me miss Charleston.

I gather a tremendous sense of purpose and passion for what I can do in this world when I listen to “Dragons” featuring The Lone Bellow. I get this wild curiosity and confidence to “take a few chances, a few worthy romances.” There are ways to “slay all the dragons that stand in your way” even from the comfort and safety of your own home. In these global circumstances, we might think it’s the “End of the World,” but Drew has a lighter approach to nearing the end in this song. While some are fixating on the bleak possibility of dying, he would say, “don’t eulogize on my behalf, I’m a long way from my epitaph.”

Stay safe, find new ways to be productive, call your loved ones, listen to this album, and “say goodbye to the past, now, raise up your glass and revel while it lasts.”

—Margie Hussey

“Being in quarantine with family can make me feel like I’m going crazy at times, so Girl Pusher really does the trick to help release this tension. A post-punk electronic dance music duo from Los Angeles, they create music with a blend of recordings from emergency phone calls, audio diary entries, and commercials.

My favorite album in particular, 911, features “Where the F**k Is My Ambulance”, which opens with an emergency phone call from a dad worried about his hippy runaway son tripping on LSD in the 70s. This fades into the lead singer yelling.

This sort of music obviously has a lot of screaming, and might not be many individual’s cup of tea, but hearing such raw feelings of anger and frustration yelled out in these songs can provide a really nice release.

“A Lot Of Boys Like Me Though” from the album Don’t Die was the first song I heard. I love the mix of her speaking, then yelling as the electronic beats in the back get louder. 911 and Groceries EP 2 are the two albums I recommend starting with— happy quarantine!”

—Claire Natiez

“When I first got back home and started the endearing quarantine process, I listened to alot of Elliott Smith and Florist, sulking in sadness from having to leave my friends and school earlier than expected. But, for the past few weeks, I realized I should play the music that makes me want to dance and happy no matter what.

For me, that artist is Coco and Clair Clair. Before quarantine, I only knew one or two songs by them, but I have been diving into all of their songs now, even the hidden gems on Soundcloud.

When I listen to their music, it feels like when the sun on my skin feels warm, but not too hot and I’m dancing and laughing more than usual because I drank a little bit too much champagne.

My go-to song recently has been “Sims 2”, which is from their album Posh. With a chorus like “I’m in my bedroom, playing Sims 2” that’s very relatable to how quarantine is going paired with a spacey beat makes this song irresistible to keep on repeat all day.

Their most recent single, “Bugs” samples snippets from the children’s show “Yo Gabba Gabba” while still being insanely catchy and fun which encompasses the energy that Coco and Clair Clair give off perfectly.

Another classic and their most streamed song on Spotify that I knew before I dove into the rest of their discography is “Pretty” that was released in 2017. This song’s beat and the production sounds glittery and the perfect song to dance to alone in your room with a tiny disco ball spinning above you.

Coco and Clair Clair have helped distract me from the worries and anxiety around the COVID-19 situation and I hope you can dance the days away with them as well during this marvelous quarantine period.”

—Emily Ferguson

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