CofC Students Struggle with Social Distancing

As COVID-19 sweeps across college campuses, students are now being tested with stay at home orders and social distancing encouragements to help slow the growth of the disease.

 Social distancing, a term that means limiting face-to-face contact with others is a key measure to help “flatten the curve” of COVID-19. 

For many, the virus is a break from the grind of in-person classes and an early start to partying. 

So far, it seems as if many students have resisted the ideas of social distancing. his video of college spring breakers from Tampa Live 10 News, for example; 

Although classes have been moved online and it’s tempting to start summer early, students must take social distancing seriously in order to help slow the spread.

 Many Charleston locals have expressed their frustrations with local college-aged neighbors, as it seems that students have continued to break orders by government officials. 

To see how local community members were feeling, I called fellow Elliotborough neighbor Jerry Moran to discuss his observations from the neighborhood in the past few weeks. 

While walking Saint Philip Street, Jerry mentioned that he noticed “about a half a dozen kids sitting on the piazza, normal spacing. One of the kids appeared to be drinking quite a bit, as one chanted “Corona, Corona, Corona”.  

Jerry laughed, and mentioned that it reminded him of the hurricane parties that often occur when tropical storms roll through the East Coast. 

A local property management company recently had to warn its tenants via email [which was obtained by CisternYard Media] of following the governor’s orders of no more than three people together and maintaining six feet of distance from each other. The property manager, who did not want to go on the record for this story, told the tenants to; “Please break this up immediately. In addition, we are calling the police and they will be asked to monitor the property going forward.”

As South Carolina begins opening up some business, but medical experts say the state is not clear of massive spreading of the coronavirus, students must understand that although group celebrations are tempting, we must deny temptation and stick to maintaining social distancing efforts to help flatten the curve. 

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