Cougars in Quarantine: Q&A with Emily Turner

Our Campus Reporter, Emily Turner continues the Cougars in Quarantine Q&A series below:

Where are you riding out the virus with whom and how is that going?

ET: I am home with my family in Richmond, Virginia. I miss my second family and other friends in Charleston more and more every day.How have you been spending your time? 

How have you been spending your time? 

ET: I spent most of my time in the early days of quarantine trying to get over the allergies of this time of year. While spring is one of my favorite seasons, it always brings one of my greatest enemies: pollen. 

Favorite meal you have cooked at home? 

ET: Do pizza rolls count?

Have you watched any interesting TV or movies at home? Which ones?

ET: Tiger King on Netflix tops anything I’ve watched to date. The show is outlandish enough to make you cringe and roll on the floor laughing – at the same time. I keep starting various crime shows (The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez, The Mind of Aaron Hernandez) but none have really caught on yet.

What is your home exercise routine? 

ET: I wish I could say that I’ve been running often, but let’s be honest – it’s just not happening. I’ve found some workouts on Pinterest which I’ll take on periodically if I’m feeling especially ambitious. I’m starting to define exercise as the walk from my bedroom to my couch in front of the TV. While I hope that one day we will take advantage of this bikini weather, I’m nowhere close to ready.

How often do you wash your hands? 

ET: More than I ever thought possible. If anything else, I hope we all learn how much we need to be washing our hands. 

Most memorable moment on zoom? 

ET: One of my professors takes great pleasure in meeting any pet that comes to Zoom class. My cat, Donut joined the class with me for several days. and I’m starting to realize that she made Zoom a little more enjoyable.

What was the transition to online classes like?

ET: Things are going much better than anticipated. I am really thankful for the extensive communication and understanding that I’ve received from my professors. At least, those under the age of 50. I am hopeful that one day my older professors will start a Zoom class on time without any technological problems. Regardless, these are very uncertain times and I have found that, for the most part, everyone is flexible with deadlines and extenuating circumstances. 

When do you think sports and concerts will be back? Are you looking forward to this? 

ET: My sister and I had spring break plans to see Billie Eilish in concert – sadly, that has been postponed. Sometimes when I find myself in a slump of school work and other chaos, I seek out concerts that will give me something fun to look forward to. It’s difficult to find those moments of joy on the horizon when you delete a new event in your Google calendar every day. 

What do you say to members of the Campus Community who are missing Charleston and the College? 

ET: When we left, we didn’t know that we would be saying goodbye to campus or our friends for the rest of this academic year. The memories of my freshman year were cut so short. The class of 2023 had such a short amount of time to make a first impression. My heart goes out to the seniors especially, who won’t get to experience these last moments as they have dreamt about for their entire lives. That being said, I believe we have a chance for positive change from this point in history. If our annual Hurrication is any indication, the CofC community is one of the most resilient of any college campus. Our historic buildings have stood tall for hundreds of years, and it’s clear that this kind of resiliency is ingrained in each CofC student. So, I am thinking of this situation as a challenge. When we return to campus – whether it is in August, or later – we will return with the drive to make the remaining months or years count. Now that we have known the pain of loss, we will know the significance of every moment we have to spend together. I’m heartbroken knowing that things may never be the same again, but I am hopeful that our future will be even better.

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Alexander Abraham, Managing Editor, of Gaithersburg, Md is a senior pursuing a major in political science and an economics minor. Fascinated by the flow of information, the beach and walkabouts around the city. He has also enjoyed working with Reading Partners of South Carolina for the past three years. You'll likely find Alec listening to jazz in the office.

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