Cougars in Quarantine: Q&A With Malik Gist

Photography Director, Malik Gist continues our Cougars In Quarantine Series below.

Where are you riding out the virus, who are you with and how is it going?

MG: I’m back in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Not much to do here but I’m back with some of my high school friends who have the same creative interests as me. With all this time on our hands, we have no choice but to create. 🙂

How have you been spending your time? 

MG: Playing Video games, taking pictures, coming up with content ideas for summer time, and learning new skills that can help me become better at what I do.

Favorite meal you have cooked at home? 

MG: Pro tip: take out.

Have you watched any interesting TV or movies at home? Which ones?

MG: I’m a big anime junkie so I’ve been acting up on shows I’ve been watching. I also recently finished “Beastars,” a surprisingly amazing show that tackles what life would be like with integrated communities of carnivores and herbivores. Highly recommended!!

What is your home exercise routine? 

MG: Walking from my bedroom to the kitchen…then back to my room.

How often do you wash your hands? 

MG: Every time I leave the house or touch something that’s not mine. 

Most memorable moment on zoom? 

MG: Me and a couple friends had a Netflix party on zoom. It worked surprisingly well.

What was the transition to online classes like?

MG: My motivation to actually learn shut down just like everything else in the world right now. Didn’t love it.

What do you say to members of the Campus Community who are missing Charleston and the College? 

MG: Use this time, this quarantine, to better yourself. Create something or help someone. Rather than complaining about not having anything to do, do something.

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Alexander Abraham, Managing Editor, of Gaithersburg, Md is a senior pursuing a major in political science and an economics minor. Fascinated by the flow of information, the beach and walkabouts around the city. He has also enjoyed working with Reading Partners of South Carolina for the past three years. You'll likely find Alec listening to jazz in the office.

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