Cougars in Quarantine: Q&A with Zoë Murrie

Our Editor-in-Chief, Zoë Murrie continues our Cougars in Quarantine Series below.

Where are you riding out the virus, with whom and how is it going?

ZM: I am currently in Charleston and thrilled! I spent some time with my parents and their golden doodle, Fitzgerald in Columbia as well.

How have you been spending your time? 

ZM: I own a lot of plants so I’ve been tending to them. I baked some cupcakes. My pride and joy was retiling my bathroom with my dad. I also caved and bought a switch with animal crossing so that preoccupies my time when I’m not telling myself to go on a walk.

Favorite meal you have cooked at home? 

ZM: Ordering Xiao Bao two nights in a row with my boyfriend should count.

Have you watched any interesting TV or movies at home? Which ones?

ZM: I’ve mostly been watching Restored by the Fords on HGTV and plantubers (plant YouTubers) to get inspired for my new apartment, but also Tiger King.

What is your home exercise routine? 

ZM: I have a yoga membership in Charleston and they’re offering online classes, but I’ve done a total of 65 minutes of yoga and some scattered walks with my dog. 

How often do you wash your hands? 

ZM: It’s not like I leave my house? 

Most memorable moment on zoom? 

ZM: The older white men who don’t know how mute works. 

What was the transition to online classes like?

ZM: Truly, I hated it. I thought they would just let us all pass. 

When do you think sports and concerts will be back?Are you looking forward to this?

ZM: Honestly, I think we’re further from the end of this than we are close to it, but I turn 21 in August so if that could be normal that would be great. 

What do you say to members of the Campus Community who are missing Charleston and the College? 

ZM: I’m probably not in the best frame of mind to be giving advice, BUT this will not last forever. I hope on the other side of this we’ve learned some kindness and some gratitude and some hygiene and that we can get more good out of this than bad.


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Alexander Abraham, Managing Editor, of Gaithersburg, Md is a senior pursuing a major in political science and an economics minor. Fascinated by the flow of information, the beach and walkabouts around the city. He has also enjoyed working with Reading Partners of South Carolina for the past three years. You'll likely find Alec listening to jazz in the office.

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