Cougars in Quarantine: Q&A with Alexander Abraham

Our Managing Editor, Alec Abraham continues our Q&A quarantine series below.

Where are you riding out the virus, with whom, and how’s it going? 

AA: I’m currently hyped to be back in Charleston with my roommate! But, I spent some time at home in Maryland with my parents, my sister and the family beagle, Harper. All in all, a good time so far.

How have you been spending your time? 

AA: Mostly eating and walking around. Happily, final papers and projects are over with.

Favorite meal you have cooked at home? 

AA: Not going to lie, cooking is one of my many talents. It is really difficult to narrow down one favorite meal I have made. So here is my top three: smoked barbecue brisket, seared tuna medallions and probably my famous black beans, rice with an egg on top if I’m feeling it.

Have you watched any interesting TV or movies at home? Which ones?

AA: I’m not a big TV or movie guy but I have seen some cool things during quarantine. My mom and I get a good laugh from “Married at First Sight: Couples Couch.” “Fauda” is a very good show, and I finally watched a little “Breaking Bad,” but only the last season with my roommate. Watching the last season is definitely the way to go.

Any new books or reading at home? If so explain: 

AA: Like TV and movies, reading isn’t so much my thing so I listen to podcasts instead. “Stay Tuned with Preet” is my go to.

What is your home exercise routine? 

AA: Walking. Everywhere. I’ll eventually get around to doing some pushups and sit ups.

How often do you wash your hands? 

AA: I think this question should read how often do you not wash your hands. For sure, every time I come back in the house, and countless other times during the day just for good luck.

Most memorable moment on zoom? 

AA: My family celebrated two birthdays and Mother’s Day on Zoom so that was pretty cool. One time, someone left their camera on in class and we could see our classmate was in bed, half asleep, for our class at noon.

What was the transition to online classes like?

AA: For sure a thorn in the rear. But, I think my professors did a great job under these circumstances.

When do you think sports and concerts will be back? Are you looking forward to this? 

AA: I have no idea. I think we may have to wait quite a while until stadiums are full again. But, it looks like Major League Baseball owners have agreed to start the baseball season in some capacity in July, probably without live audiences. So this is great news as a Washington Nationals fan. We won the Pennant! N-A-T-S NATS NATS NATS WOOO!

What do you say to members of the Campus Community who are missing Charleston and the College? 

AA: First of all let me extend a huge CONGRATULATIONS to all those who are graduating high school and college during this time. I’m sure it must be difficult not being able to partake in normal traditions but you made it and are owed a robust kudos for your accomplishments and an even bigger pat on the back for being amazing sports. I recall telling my uncle several weeks back, that just when I think the world can’t get any crazier, somehow however inconceivably, it does. He responded with something along the lines of, “Just you wait!” It is true, the world has shifted into this crazy chaotic place, which I never envisioned. Sometimes I struggle to come to grips with our current predicament, and how it is being managed. But all I can do is make the best out of the situation! Just because the world seems crazy doesn’t mean that we are not equipped to handle it! Even amidst monumental uncertainty, it is clear, with convincing evidence, that we as a city, and an institution are strong and are not thrown easily! So please, stay safe, practice social distancing and WASH YOUR HANDS. I for one am very excited to engage with the community on the other end of this pandemic.

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Alexander Abraham, Managing Editor, of Gaithersburg, Md is a senior pursuing a major in political science and an economics minor. Fascinated by the flow of information, the beach and walkabouts around the city. He has also enjoyed working with Reading Partners of South Carolina for the past three years. You'll likely find Alec listening to jazz in the office.

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