Articles by Bastien Fachan


Cameron Johnson pursues his basketball breakthrough

Cameron Johnson may not have won the $1.6 billion Powerball jackpot, but he undoubtedly drew the winning number at the genetic lottery. Culminating at a dizzying 6’4”, Johnson, 19, has inherited from a fine-tuned combination of his parents’ genes. His father is a former NFL player, Mario Johnson, of the Cleveland Browns, New York Jets…


Player Spotlight: Nicholas Jeausseran, from the French Riviera to the American Dream

On Tuesday evening, not long after Anthony Martial, Yannick Ferreira-Carrasco and Layzin Kurzawa – three of his ex-teammates – tasted Champions League action respectively with Manchester United, Atletico Madrid and PSG, France’s Nicholas Jeausseran had no room for regrets or nostalgia. Recruited out of the AS Monaco reserve to play for the College of Charleston…


Senior Spotlight: Tyler Wood, sprinting through the finish line

During the fall season, CisternYard Sports will feature a weekly story on a different student athlete at the College of Charleston that our sports staff thinks you should know. This week, we highlight Tyler Wood from the men’s cross country team. Like plenty of children, Tyler Wood played almost every sport growing up. Even though…

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