Articles by Callista Milligan

Callista Milligan, music editor, is a Senior arts management major from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. In her free time, you can find her in Second State Coffee with a cold brew in hand.


R.I.P Tamagotchi

Tamagotchi, the beloved childhood digital pet, now lies abandoned in the back of the closet at every ‘90s kids parent’s house… if it even remains there. It was a responsibility every kid was ready to take on, from watching it come to life from it’s egg to keeping it fed and even the tedious discipline….


Pain to Power

At age 20, most college students are settling into a certain routine, opening themselves up to a world of possibilities for the future and bonding with friends over late night stress in the library. What if that stability was rattled by something completely out of your control? When faced with a stage III Hodgkin’s Lymphoma…


Why You Should See: Stop Light Observations at the Music Farm

Released ahead of their upcoming Music Farm show, Stop Light Observations’ newest single, “2young,” blends childhood nostalgia with 2018’s feelings of frenzy and confusion. Not only will listeners be replaying the song’s catchy hook in their head, but the imagery will become a supercut on repeat. “I saw a kitty-cat chase a psychedelic rat,” lead…


A Conversation with Kopps

Kopps is a band from Rochester, NY, whose genre lands somewhere between pop, electronic and alternative rock. Made up of Patricia Patrón (vocals), Travis Johansen (guitar), Kyle O’Hara (bass), Andrew York (drums) and produced by Daniel Armbruster of fellow Rochester band, Joywave. Their sexy yet humorous persona has been portrayed through a number of EPs,…


Why You Should See: Joywave’s “Thanks. Thanks for Coming” Tour

Joywave is an alternative rock band from Rochester, New York. Since 2010, they have released mixtapes, EPs, two full length albums and toured nationwide, garnering a fan base that identifies with the band on a personal level. What draws their loyal fan base is the snarky persona, sarcastic stage antics and hometown-dedication that has set…

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