Articles by Cheyenne Abrams

Cheyenne Abrams is the Editor-in-Chief of CisternYard News. She is a low-country native who has had her share of living around the United States. In her fourth year at CofC she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in communications with a focus on journalism and public relations. In her free time Cheyenne likes to hangout with her four dogs and play board games with her friends.



Here in the Holy City, ghosts and tourists aren’t the only things that riddle the streets and buildings. Dangerous amounts of lead paint, asbestos and mold hide and seep through the walls of century old structures.  The Calhoun Annex, located at 172 Calhoun St., is the home of the Chapel Theater. The building also holds…


Holy Sticks!

Waffles, bananas, and ice cream bars have have flooded the sidewalks of lower King Street as Jessica Tenberge sets out on her mission to share delicious, nutritious and affordable food with the community.   Tenberge and her family vacationed to California six years ago and stumbled across an ice cream shop that allowed you to pick…


Integrity Week

The National Society of Collegiate Scholars is hosting an Integrity Week campaign from February 11-15. The week, inspired by the National Ethics Project, is oriented on building the core of one’s character “through promotion of honesty, trustworthiness, ethics, and self-awareness.” Each day of the week will have a different theme. Monday will be academic, Tuesday…

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