Articles by Courtney Luna


Stop Promoting Fake News

We’re living during a time where all the information we could possibly need, or want, is available at our fingertips. Although, there’s a point at which we stop reading for facts and start reading headlines – thinking we’re getting the whole picture when we are not. Last week, President Trump said that the police responding…


Hell on 8 Wheels

When it comes to Roller Derby, most people probably imagine their parents in the ‘70s watching the local derby team — but this isn’t your Mom’s roller derby and the Lowcountry Highrollers aren’t your parents’ team. They play tough, they play fair and they are consummate athletes, bruises and all. If you’re like most people,…


That Isn’t Feminism

I’m a woman who doesn’t always support my fellow women. I didn’t vote for Hillary in the Democratic General Election (thanks to Bernie Sanders). I constantly argue with my female friends about their choices. Sometimes, I support a male student’s work over a female student’s, because I simply believe he did a better job. Yet,…


Confederate Monuments Need to Go

Confederate monuments do not represent Southern pride. Growing up in the South, pride is an omnipresent face of life. Until recently, this was a conversation piece one would casually drop in while chatting with friends. Now, because of the violent protests surrounding the removal of Confederate monuments, Southern heritage and pride are the forefront of…

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