Articles by Courtney Eker

Courtney Eker is a junior Political Science and Spanish double major, with a minor in Communication. Hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico (s/o to the 505), Courtney can be found explaining the geographical differences between New and normal Mexico to confused southerners. Courtney finds joy in petting strangers' dogs and talking baby language to strangers' babies on King Street. Courtney fills any possible spare time with her duties of being the Editor in Chief of Cisternyard News, a Chapter Founder/Leader of the not-for-profit organization Nourish International and a Peer Facilitator for Freshman Year Seminar courses. She holds in her heart a warm place for Cambodia, her two dogs Dudley and Joey and sandwiches from Persimmon Cafe.


Letter from the Editor: Accountability is not just for other people

This is a serious issue. When President Glenn McConnell issued a statement that said “enough is enough” regarding the recent ban of alcohol for all Greek organizations on campus, there was a reason. In my understanding of the situation, there was more than just one reason. The Princeton Review just named the College of Charleston…


Emily Torchiana: Taking off the mask

Emily Torchiana is a sophomore at College of Charleston. She was recently re-elected as the secretary of Student Government on March 26. In her campaign, she ran against two different people and out of roughly 1,600 voters, Emily received support from 1,180. She is electric, energetic, kind and passionate. 1,180 people supported her in the…

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