Articles by Phillip Greene


Durational Sound Installations at Moogfest 2017

Durational sound installations are site specific musical experiences that incorporate a temporal element to the performance. This implies that the performance lasts a relatively unorthodox amount of time, whether that means two minutes or four hours. “Installation” refers to the specificity of location. While durational installations may be recreated in more than one place, it…


“A Crow Looked at Me” by Mount Eerie–An Album Review

Death, and the fear thereof, is a shared human experience. At humanity’s most confused moments, existential angst claws at meaning in how we make sense of our lives. We fear the moments we occupy in the present, and fear what is beyond. Thankfully, art helps humanity reckon with its futility. On A Crow Looked at…


One Voice, Nine Personalities– Ladysmith Black Mambazo, a Show Review

Ladysmith Black Mambazo is a 9-piece traditional South African choir, who perform in the Isicathamiya style, that has attained legendary status at this point. The all male ensemble has been performing for 57 years now with a rotating roster of members, predominantly from the Shabalala family. Ladysmith was catapulted to international fame in 1986, when…


“Process” by Sampha — An Album Review

Sampha’s solo debut, Process, is dynamic and meditative, and showcases Sampha’s ability as a solo musician, as he successfully transitions from his role as a backup singer and “featured” vocalist into the front man. Sampha was featured on some of the most critically and commercially successful releases of 2016, providing vocals for Kanye West, Frank…


“& I’m Fine Today” by Susto — A Live Album Review

Susto’s newest album, & I’m Fine Today, showcases the Charleston band’s ability to diversify their instrumentation and aesthetic, but ultimately strays away from what they did best on their debut album which was appealing to the local music scene through beautiful accounts of life in Charleston.  The album comes three years after their official self-titled…

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