Articles by Isadora Gotts

Thirty years of art

At first glance, both Jody Zellen and Bob Trotman couldn’t seem like more different artists. Zellen’s exhibit features fast changing screens, graphic design, and sketches while Trotman’s is filled with wooden figurines and every day office décor. Perhaps this is the greatest part of the Halsey’s newest exhibits—their unpredictable cohesiveness. Halsey’s feature artists blend the…


A taste of Dolly’s Lebanon

Underneath Dolly Raad-Awkwar’s Arabic textbooks and exam copies, hides an extremely successful business woman. Lately, when she is not teaching her students, you can find Dolly at 298 King St. tirelessly perfecting every single detail of her new Lebanese restaurant, Leyla. In the 10 years she has been in Charleston, Dolly has transformed from rug seller…

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