Articles by Jess Spence

Freshman at the College of Charleston, studying Arts Management and International Business. In the past nineteen years, I've fallen in love with live music and yoga, art and rainy days, tattoos, hot coffee, surfing, running, reading and writing.


Pop-Up Charleston

“It’s about creating a sense of community,” Peter Spearman, senior at the College, thoughtfully explained, “Or really, it’s just something silly.” Earlier this year when Liza Anne, a close friend and musician from Nashville, proposed the idea of touring to Charleston, Spearman offered his house as a makeshift concert venue. He and his three roommates…

Trending Now? #CHSFW Take Two

  If anyone is on top of their social media, it’s the designers, models and executives alike within the fashion industry. Whether their platform of choice is Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr, bloggers and socialites were snapping photos all last week in Marion Square to spread the trends. #CHSFW was drawing as much attention online as…

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