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Jessica Wilkinson is a feature writer at CisternYard News. She is a sophomore majoring in Secondary Education and History with a minor in Political Science. In her free time, she can be found binge-watching Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars on Netflix, doing Muay Thai Kickboxing and spending as much time as possible on Pinterest. She aspires to be the best history teacher your kids will ever have while spending her summers writing and traveling the world.


Students who pray together, Stay together

Charleston is notorious for its skyline. It is a glorious sight. From a distance the city is magnificent: the breathtaking buildings contrast against the backdrop of the indigo-stained harbor as the illustrious church steeples protrude from the shadows of the city they have guarded for hundreds of years. These churches and temples define the city, creating an identity we cherish – the Holy City. Zoom into this picture, though, and it becomes…


A blurb about BYX

Friday night rolls around at the College and the question of the night is: “Who do you know here?” It’s a fraternity party. There’s alcohol and dancing. This describes most fraternity parties, but this is definitely not a BYX fraternity party. Beta Upsilon Chi is a Christian fraternity at the College. Joseph Haines is the…


Cougar Counselors raise awareness for mental health

October 7 was South Carolina Mental Health Awareness Day. Hospitals, cities, businesses, institutions, organizations and individuals throughout the state committed themselves to raising awareness for mental health issues while simultaneously breaking down stereotypes. The Cougar Counseling team was among these groups devoted to making changes in the realm of mental health. Rachel McNamara is the Health…


One-in-Four: curing the campus sexual assault epidemic

One out every four women in college has been raped or experienced an attempted rape. One-in-Four is also the name of the national organization that strives to eradicate this statistic through the education of college men. The national umbrella organization oversees fifteen college chapters that work to change the mindsets of college-aged males by helping them understand how…


SC Education Association advocates for change in education policy

Michelle Johnson, a senior education major, has always been interested in advocating for the rights of South Carolina teachers and students. Interested in educational psychology, curriculum design and education policies, Johnson is in love with the field and has centered her college career around making the profession of teaching a better place for everyone. Last…

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