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Communications major and Theatre minor. I am from Columbia, SC. I'm looking foward to new experiences with the CisternYard!

CofC Theatre and Dance Open “The Tempest” and “Rough Magic”

The College of Charleston’s Theatre and Dance Department opened “The Tempest” on Friday, Sep. 28. The classical Shakespearean play was accompanied by “Rough Magic,”a modern interpretation of “The Tempest.” Both plays will be running until Oct. 7. Susan Kattwinkel, a professor in the Theater and Dance Department, facilitated a talkback following the “The Tempest.” Director,…


Thinking Back to Look Forward

  Charleston is an old city. The streets are paved with a mixture of asphalt and brick. The sidewalks are marked with crooked lines and a variety of gray shades. Chuck has seen a lot: the colonization of America, the Civil War and the Modern Age. The history of Charleston and the College’s own history…


Decline of The iPhone

Since 2007, the iPhone has been the dominant smartphone. Sales have consistently been high throughout the years. However, recently things have changed. The newest iPhone, the iPhone X has shown a steep decline in sales. This is the first major drop seen in Apple’s sales since the company began selling the iPhone. Newsweek reports, “Sales…


Charleston Growing Pains

Professors, staff, students, and residents alike mention it dozens of times every semester; the traffic in Charleston is horrible. Every morning the commute into Charleston provokes stress and anger. This problem is not new. For decades, the Charleston area has been hearing comments along the lines of “We need a rapid transit system” or “These…

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