Articles by Olivia Cohen


Jeb Bush outlines plans for military dominance at Citadel Republican Society event

Presidential hopeful and former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush addressed a standing-room-only crowd at the Citadel on Wednesday as part of a series of presidential nominees speaking to the Citadel Republican Society. Bush framed his speech within the tragedy of the recent attacks in Paris, addressing his plan to combat global terrorism if elected President….


Board of Trustees endorses removal of Confederate flag despite McConnell’s standing opinion

In a statement issued today, the Board of Trustees officially announced their support for the removal of the Confederate flag from the State House, where it has flown at full mast since 2001. President McConnell, who vocally supported the flag’s position at the State House in 2001, did not make any comment on the B.O.T.’s…


College of Charleston student activists fight racism in wake of Emanuel shooting

Destiny Dahl knew the melody by heart. Like most of us, she had heard the song hundreds of times. But this time was different. Standing on the Ravenel Bridge hand-in-hand with thousands of strangers who represented the trust, understanding and support of a community in healing, a lone voice singing “This Little Light of Mine”…


Bomb threat on campus raises alarm and concerns about emergency procedures

Tuesday morning, students at the College of Charleston were sent a Cougar Alert stating that there was a bomb found on campus. A subsequent tweet from the College of Charleston stated that “a bomb has NOT been found on campus,” contradicting their initial message. Charleston city police cleared Tate, Beatty and J.C. Long around 11 a.m….

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