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Weeding through fact and fiction: Dr. John Chasteen’s seminar on the history of marijuana

On Wednesday, Dr. John Charles Chasteen spoke to college students and faculty about the history of marijuana in Latin America. Providing insight into the drug’s origins, its arrival into mainstream American culture and the various cultural influences represented by the drug, Chasteen’s speech certainly answered many questions, as well as disproved many common misconceptions. Chasteen is…


From Ferguson to Charleston: The race for racial justice

On Aug. 9, 2014, Michael Brown, an African-American teenager, was shot to death by white police officer Darren Wilson following an altercation in Ferguson, Mo. Brown had been a suspect in a nearby convenience store robbery, but was stopped due to unrelated circumstances. During a struggle between Wilson and Brown, the officer’s gun was fired,…


CofC Opera: Bringing tragedy and comedy with ‘Suor Angelica’ and ‘The Old Maid and the Thief’

As someone who fancies himself quite invested within the arts, it was a surprising realization that I had never seen an operatic performance before. This all changed on Sun., Feb. 1, when the College of Charleston Opera hosted their renditions of two one act performances, The Old Maid and the Thief and Suor Angelica. The two performances, directed by…


Turquoise Jeep Records brings their smash-bang fusion to Charleston’s Pour House

“How you like ya eggs? Fried or Fertilized?” – Flynt Flossy with the hard hitting questions. Turquoise Jeep Records took to the Pour House stage in their first-ever Charleston performance Mon., Jan. 26, bringing with them an (un)healthy dose of comedy, raunchy dance moves and an unrivaled sexual energy in the musical sphere. Turquoise Jeep started…


Poetic arts and shadow puppets with Indonesian multimedia artist Jumaadi

There’s something quite startling about Indonesian artist Jumaadi’s art style. Echoing the primeval cave drawing of Lascaux, or perhaps the pottery art of ancient Greece, Jumaadi captures beautifully stylized depictions of human and animal nature alike in his newest art collection,  Jumaadi: forgive me not to miss you not, on display now at the Halsey Institute…

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