Articles by Sarah Kamphuis


The Darkest Hour

Winston Churchill is a name we all know from history class. He was the Prime Minister of England during World War II and his thoughts and words of wisdom changed the outcome of the war. While history books focus on his political triumphs and quotable speeches, the movie The Darkest Hour focuses on his daily…


“Life’s Short, Talk Fast”

Nothing describes the TV show “Gilmore Girls” better than this quote by Lorelai Gilmore: “Life’s short, talk fast.” Full of fast talking, movie references, lovable characters, coffee and a mother-daughter relationship like no other, “Gilmore Girls” is a heart-warming series that will draw you in with laughter and love. Lorelai, a single mother, raises her…


Things to do in Charleston

I love being a tourist, whether in my hometown or in Charleston, where I have recently moved. Since moving to Charleston, my tourist habits have not subsided. In fact, they have only escalated considering all there is to do! After extensive research based on friends, rumors, and Pinterest, of course, I have compiled a list…

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