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Sarah Sheafer is the editor-in-chief of CisternYard News. She is a senior, double majoring in political science and international studies with a focus in the Middle East.


Students participate in Democrat, Republican Debate

The Political Science Club hosted a debate last night with two prominent members of the Democratic and Republican Parties. Cindy Costa, vice-chair to the RNC Rules Committee and SC Republican National committeewoman, represented the Republican side with Phil Noble, president of SC New Democrats, representing the Democratic side. Before students asked questions in a heated…

Newt Gingrich speaks with students and members of the community. The former Speaker of the House and Republican presidential candidate spoke on campus yesterday, Nov. 28, in Sottile Theater. (Colin Johnson/GSO)

Gingrich speaks at the College, focuses on a campaign against Obama

Walking to the front of the stage, Congressman Tim Scott shouted out, “Good evening.” A weak response from the audience. He then said, “I said, Good evening.” The audience becomes louder with its response and Scott continues with the momentum. “It’s time in America for a new President.” Scott, a U.S. House Representative for South…

President George Benson and his Executive Team meet and talk with students at the Town Hall Meeting. Benson highlighted certain initiatives including the promotion of diversity and the Strategic Plan during the meeting. (Sarah Sheafer / GSO)

Benson speaks at Student Town Hall Meeting, acknowledges obstacles to recent initiatives

During the Student Town Hall Meeting on Oct. 25, students gathered in the Stern Ballroom to listen and ask questions to President George Benson and his Executive Team. Benson focused the attention of the meeting on six main areas, which included the current budget, Strategic Plan, diversity, fundraising, environmental sustainability and facilities. Benson highlighted the…

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