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Scott Harvin is a sophomore Communication major with a minor in International Studies in the Honors College at the College of Charleston. Originally from Sumter, South Carolina, he is thrilled to be able to call the wonderful city of Charleston his new home, where he cannot wait to watch the next three years of his life unfold. Other than his academic career at the College, Scott is also a Resident Assistant in McAlister Residence Hall, a tour guide for Charleston 40, a member of the Student Ambassador Program and a News Contributor for CisternYard News. All of this can only mean two things: first, he knows pretty much anything anyone could ever want to know about the College and second, he never sleeps. Despite this, he still finds time to explore his passions for music, photography and adventure, collecting vinyl records while traveling the southeast with close companions to root out the best experiences, restaurants and events the world has to offer. He does all of this while pursuing his ultimate dream: becoming a journalist for a major news branch, preferably in New York, where he hopes to live out the American Dream. “You may call him a dreamer, but he’s not the only one.”


UPDATE: North Dakota Access Pipeline developers predict completion after Trump victory

President-elect Donald Trump’s victory has had a large impact on the future of the U.S. – the latest prediction for the country being the imminent completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline, despite the protest of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. In a statement issued Tuesday, Energy Transfer Partners of Dallas has confirmed that the work…


Honors College students discuss race with New York Times columnist

On Tuesday, novelist and New York Times columnist Anand Giriharadas and subject Raisuddin Bhuiyan visited the College of Charleston to discuss “The True American: Murder and Mercy in Texas” with Honors College students. The book, selected for this year’s The College Reads program, follows Rais’s story after he is shot in the face by a…


Russian hackers target American Olympic athletes

Note: Originally published on Sept. 24. Russian hackers have acquired and posted the private drug-testing files of four U.S. athletes from the 2016 Olympic, including gymnastics champion Simone Biles. The World Anti-Doping Agency confirmed on Sept. 13 that a group of hackers known as Fancy Bear illegally hacked its database of medical files of athletes…


Local COs Arrested For Smuggling Contraband to Inmates

  Note: Originally published on Sept. 24. “Orange is the New Black” just got a little closer to Charleston. Two Broad River Correctional Institution officers have been served with warrants accusing them of allowing inmates to acquire prohibited items like cellphones, tools and tobacco. Former officers Jamar A. Brown of Orangeburg and Taylor R. Johnson…


ISIS Hacks CisternYard Radio Twitter Account

Over the College’s spring break in March, CisternYard Radio’s own General Manager Meredith Wohl was shocked to discover that ISIS had hacked an inactive Twitter account associated with CYR. The cyber attack by the extreme Islamist group consisted of tweeting, at least once every minute, with ISIS propaganda and screenshots of a database listing U.S. Marine names,…


Neo-Nazi Group Tramples Memorials in Brussels

On Sunday, a group of self-proclaimed fascists stampeded a memorial for the victims of the Brussels attacks. The far-right group invaded Place de la Bourse, deliberately marching on the tributes left to commemorate the dead and injured, while chanting “On est chez nous,” a nationalist saying meaning “This is our home.” The protesters were seen giving the…


Congress Fights Closing of Gitmo

Mar. 3 – Last week, some members of Congress expressed vehement opposition to Pres. Obama’s proposal to close Guantanamo Bay and relocate the detainees to various locations across the United States, including the Naval Consolidated Brig outside Charleston. Obama has been trying to close the detention center ever since he took office. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) told press…


Primary Breakdown: Ted Cruz Finishes 3rd, Endorsed by Mark Sanford

Sen. Ted Cruz finished third in Saturday’s primary by a slim margin: less than one percent. Trump carried first place and Sen. Marco Rubio jockeyed into second. Cruz was in Charleston ahead of the primary, galvanizing supporters. On Friday, a crowd gathered on George Street awaiting entry into Sottile Theatre for a Cruz rally. Shouts broke out as supporters and…


Boundless Campaign Surpasses Original Goal of $125 Million

On Friday, College of Charleston President Glenn McConnell made a momentous announcement, revealing that the Boundless campaign has met and surpassed its fundraising goal of $125 million. The current total is over $127 million. The announcement took place in the Hall of Alumni, where President McConnell stood on a stage accompanied by Boundless Campaign Co-Chair Steve Swanson and Vice President of…

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