The Yard


Save Your Love

The only thing Kayshawn had been doing that night was praying — praying for something great to happen. More specifically, he wanted something great to happen to his music. He went for a walk, thinking about his new music  and hoping that God would fulfill his dream of being a successful musician. He went to…


Stay Woke and Vote: Generations of Underrepresentation

“Climate change? That’s a you problem — I’ll be dead soon,” declares an elderly woman on Acronym’s September 2018 video: “They’re doing fine, are you?.” Made for their ad campaign, “Knock the Vote,” the satirical video features several elderly white individuals gloating about their consistency in appearing at the polls to vote, while taunting America’s…


Music In Her Veins

As a newborn baby she wouldn’t eat – she couldn’t eat. The doctors tried everything but nothing was working. Her parents thought she might not make it. The parents turned to a woman who they believed could help; she turned on a metronome and started playing music. It was at that very moment they figured…


Friday Night Futbol

The College of Charleston Men’s Soccer team kicked off their season against Stetson in their annual Friday Night Futbol game. College of Charleston provided a shuttle for students so they could attend the game. Student attendees received free T-shirts and free hotdogs. The game was also the first featured sporting event on the fall punch…


Holy Sticks!

Waffles, bananas, and ice cream bars have have flooded the sidewalks of lower King Street as Jessica Tenberge sets out on her mission to share delicious, nutritious and affordable food with the community.   Tenberge and her family vacationed to California six years ago and stumbled across an ice cream shop that allowed you to pick…


Give Me a Break

The term “blow off steam” can mean different things for different people, and the methods with which people use to blow off steam can be totally different as well. Unfortunately, some common methods used to blow off steam can be detrimental or harmful to themselves and others. College of Charleston 2016 alum Cole Wadsten understands…

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